Our Oddsmatcher, was built by us for some of the biggest and best matched betting services in the UK. Developed by us, a group of programmers who have worked our lives throughout the betting industry, our tool compares all of the Australian Bookmakers who offer exploitable promotions and all Exchanges that will allow Australian clients. The oddsmatcher will soon become your best tool in Matched Betting.

Odds matching tool

  • Find the best matched bets going around
  • Up-to-date odds from all major Aussie bookmakers and betting exchanges
  • Filter your searches by markets, bookies, sports, rating, exchange, odds + more
  • Use our rating system to find the best matches possible
  • Our calculators will do all the work for you, no pesky maths problems. Simple as a click.
  • Seamless updates to prices and markets – changes are clearly shown so you wont get caught out
  • See total $ available in the Exchange to see how much you can get on for

Maximise profit in minimal time with our Oddsmatcher, it's the most efficient and effective way for you to extract the best profit you can from your matched betting.

As we're the developers of our own oddsmatching software, we work hard to make sure our software is always up-to-date and running smoothly for the easiest matched betting experience you can get!

Oddsgizmo didn't invent Matched Betting

We just made it easy for anyone to get involved

The Oddsmatcher works by searching through odds feeds to find, gather and display to you all of the best matches in turn saving you valuable time, and making it easier to find the best at a click of a button.

Developed over an extended period of time by people with years of experience in the betting industry, our OddsMatcher is now used by over 40,000 people across multiple brands worldwide, not only making things more efficient, but giving each and everyone the opportunities of a 100% guaranteed profit.