OddsGizmo Community

Our community is the place to go to ask questions or just discuss anything matched betting! The OddsGizmo support team are also available through e-mail or our ticketing system, we'll make sure to get back to you as soon as we can.


  • Ability to discuss with other members anything from the OddsGizmo site
  • Ability to interact with others who are new or experienced when it comes to Matched Betting
  • A dedicated support team, constantly looking for new promotions and upgrades to the system. We're always listening to what you guys have to say!
  • Sub categories where you can discuss all different types of offers
  • Ability for members to share new offers/promotions they find
  • Mobile-friendly and accessible so you can keep up to date wherever you are

Join up today to see how the OddsGizmo community can become a great tool in improving the profit you can gain out of matched betting.

Oddsgizmo didn't invent Matched Betting

We just made it easy for anyone to get involved